When the Heavens Fall

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When the Heavens Fall

The Chronicles of the Exile, #1

There are so many fantasy quests out there that are centered around one object, such as a ring or a wand. In When the Heavens Fall, the first in a new series by debut novelist Marc Turner, that object is a book. Specifically, the Book of Lost Souls. If it ends up in the wrong hands, and in this story it does, it could mean the end of the world. Now some people may think, how could a book have so much power? Yet some books are more powerful than most. Some books have so much power that they can be responsible for war, death and genocide. The Book of Lost Souls is likewise such a book and readers of this story get to see just how the book’s death-magic can be such a huge threat.

In this story, different people are on a quest to get the Book. All of them come from different backgrounds. All of them have different skills. All of them have different motives. But one thing is clear: They need to get to the Book and then do what they feel is the right thing to do. Along the way, they battle zombie armies controlled by the Book’s death-magic or face enemies trying to even a score. All of them are hunted and some are in return the hunter.

While this story was kind of boring and it seemed like all of the battle scenes were more filler than story, I had to read this novel until the end to find out what happened. And it was totally worth it, because the end is full of surprises and the final showdown just blew me away. Also, I felt this was a good fantasy story, with good world-building. It had an interesting mix of characters and the wizard, Mottle, was my favorite. I also felt that the character, Shroud, was a real kick-ass character who did not disappoint the image I had of him from all the stories characters shared about him. So it’s definitely worth it to stick with this story until the end. I just LOVED the end!

When the Heavens Fall is a fantastic epic journey that takes readers through uncharted worlds filled with danger and excitement. It is a story of bravery, sorcery, loyalty and standing up to what we most fear. In a sense, the journey we take as we read this novel is a journey within ourselves.

Book Blurb for When the Heavens Fall

If you pick a fight with Shroud, Lord of the Dead, you had better ensure your victory, else death will mark only the beginning of your suffering.

A book giving its wielder power over the dead has been stolen from a fellowship of mages that has kept the powerful relic dormant for centuries. The thief, a crafty, power-hungry necromancer, intends to use the Book of Lost Souls to resurrect an ancient race and challenge Shroud for dominion of the underworld. Shroud counters by sending his most formidable servants to seize the artifact at all cost.

However, the god is not the only one interested in the Book, and a host of other forces converge, drawn by the powerful magic that has been unleashed. Among them is a reluctant Guardian who is commissioned by the Emperor to find the stolen Book, a troubled prince who battles enemies both personal and political, and a young girl of great power, whose past uniquely prepares her for an encounter with Shroud. The greatest threat to each of their quests lies not in the horror of an undead army but in the risk of betrayal from those closest to them. Each of their decisions comes at a personal cost and will not only affect them, but also determine the fate of their entire empire.

The first of an epic swords & sorcery fantasy series, Marc Turner's When the Heavens Fall features gritty characters, deadly magic, and meddlesome gods

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50