Well Seasoned

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Well Seasoned

Savoring Life's Lessons

The seasons of the year have had some kind of mystical meaning to so many cultures and so many people for centuries. Ancient tribes saw the seasons as a time when their respected deities had greater power and influence over life and the harvests. For author Rebecca Webb Wilson, the seasons of the year represent the stages of life we go through. In essence her take on the seasons is that, for each spring and each summer, etc., we catch a glimpse of what it is like to go through a certain stage of life.

Sounds kind of romantic and all, but I really did not share this interpretation.

Even so, it was interesting reading about how the author saw the summer season as experiencing life from birth to age 20, the autumn season from age 21 to 40, and so on. The pictures included, which are meant to capture a snapshot of the season or what the author writes about, are beautiful and professional. I really was not so interested in the author’s personal anecdotes about what life was like for her growing up, only because it was the same mundane stuff lots of other people have experienced and it’s not all that exciting or interesting. I guess you would have to be older than my 40 years and a little more spiritual to appreciate her writing and the thoughts she shares.

Still, it’s a nice book that captures what the author is trying to say. To Wilson, the seasons represent the stages of life, and she does a good job in proving as much with this book.

Book Blurb for Well Seasoned

Avid traveler and accomplished nature photographer Rebecca Webb Wilson chronicles the seasons of life illuminated by her unconventional and uplifting philosophy in this collage of photographs and essays.

Pairing carefully crafted words (in enlarged text for senior eyes) with more than 100 luminous, full-color images, Wilson savors the clarity that time and experience make possible for all who journey.

Sprinkled with thoughtful quotations and bits of poetry, this book shares the author's abundant gratitude for the sudden surprises and unexpected joys revealed in nature's seasons, and her own passing seasons.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 3.00