Through the Glass

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Through the Glass

The Coyote Moon Series, #2

Montana Thomas awakens to find the woman he loves dead -- with her blood on his hands. But did he really kill her? The last thing he remembers is a loving session of pillow talk before they both drifted off to sleep. Not a sound, not a movement, alerted him from his rest. He knows he was sleeping the time of the what happened? Somehow, he ends up confessing to the murder, but recovers his senses and realizes, 'Wait! I'm innocent!' Now, it's too late. Or is it? He calls to Ito St. James, a fellow Ranger, for help, who assures him he'll get him out of this mess. Ito calls in attorney Damien Knight, who is sympathetic to the Rangers and Montana's former colleague. Dakota Thomas is brought in to see his brother, but it only ends up being a trap – for something much bigger than they could ever imagine has set the bait and strikes without warning, pulling all of them, including Maggie Ricco, into a web of danger, deceit and the thin line between life and death.

This second book in Ann Simko’s Coyote Moon Series, Through the Glass, was even better than the first. Filled with action, wry humor, suspense and mystery, the story had me turning the pages to find out what happens next. I was held in suspense as the mystery unfolded, and finding out what was really going on took me by surprise and caught me off guard. This story reminds readers of how things are not always as they seem, and of how it’s so important to be careful of who you trust.

At one point in the story, I was in tears when a familiar character from the first book died. It was so sad and I didn't want to see that happen to this character, who I'd grown to love in the first book.

What I love most about this book is that it gives the reader a chance to know Dakota and Montana Thomas in a way we could not know them before. Everything about their past, their heritage, their family and, yes, even the ghosts that haunt their memories, is all laid out on the table in this story. It makes us understand these characters so much better, and understand how and why all of those elements shaped them into the people that they became. Dakota's nightmare about how he survived a fatal accident that killed 3 friends during his teen years probably explain why he gives himself so willingly to Maggie and Michael and their experiments. Maybe, in some way, it's his chance to be someone else, or to atone for the guilt he has harbored all those years.

I enjoyed meeting two newcomers to this story: The Thomas brothers' father and grandfather. They are both very interesting characters and added more history to the Thomas brothers’ pasts.

As with the first book, this second book has bits and pieces of humor sprinkled about. The characters' many funny retorts had me laughing every so often, despite the seriousness of certain scenes.

When Montana is forced to enlist the help of the man responsible for putting him behind bars, I became skeptical. How was he going to make this work? How would he know if he could trust this guy? And, later, it is Dakota's turn to trust someone who hurt him. Someone we thought was the enemy. This time, though, we don't know why this man is an enemy, or even if Dakota can trust him. But as Maggie reminds him, “What choice do we have?”

I like how they call the Thomas brothers' grandfather "the coyote."

The quote that stayed with me was this one, from Dakota: "Sometimes it was the choices you didn't make that were the truly important ones." This single quote could represent the whole story. We walk away from this amazing novel wondering how we can still piece our lives back together when we are forced to live with the choices that we did make.

The ending of this story was perfect. I laughed, I cried. Can’t wait to read the next book in this series by this talented author!

Book Blurb for Through the Glass

Sometimes deceit is easier to believe than the truth.

Montana Thomas falls asleep with the woman he loves in his arms but wakes next to her bloody corpse. With the murder weapon in his hand and no memory of what happened, he needs his brother to help him sort through the confusion and grief.

But Dakota is three-thousand miles away and deep into government testing.

The stage has been set and all the players are in motion. All the unknown director has to do is sit back and wait for his true objective to be played out. In an expert game of cat and mouse, the Thomas brothers are subject to manipulation that has no equal. The only people they can trust are each other...if they can survive long enough to find the truth inside the maze of misdirection and deceit.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00