The Promise of Forgiveness

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The Promise of Forgiveness

"The Promise of Forgiveness" by Marin Thomas is a novel that causes the reader to think hard on the subject of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a really hard thing to figure out sometimes and for most people, they just can’t forgive. In this story, Ruby Baxter has a hard time forgiving Hank McArthur, the father who’d given her up for adoption as an infant. It’s understandable that she’d have a hard time forgiving him for that because she felt so abandoned and never knew him until he’d finally contacted her. She only goes to meet him hoping for a fresh start for herself and her teen daughter but she’s struggling with a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of hurt. She asks the tough questions and she makes it known the pain that her abandonment caused, but gradually she understands why things happened, that perhaps her birth father is not such a terrible monster who didn’t want her, and this helps her move closer in trying to forgive him. In the process, she learns to forgive herself and even her daughter, Mia, too.

The romance in this book made me want to throw up. I'm not a fan of romances. I was a little irritated over Ruby constantly getting jealous over Mia bonding with her grandfather. She even bristles the first time the girl calls him "Grandpa." How could she be so selfish? The girl actually had a grandfather in her life again – and one that was her own blood. Hank's days were numbered and it didn't seem like he had a lot of time left. Let the kid have a relationship with her grandfather before he croaks! I understand that it's probably because she's still mad at Hank for giving her up and she's having a hard time forgiving him for that, but it's not right of her to push her own issues onto her daughter and sabotage the teenager's chance to have a relationship with her grandparent. All the time I read the novel, I was impressed by how Ruby remained tough and self-reliant in the story. She keeps telling people that she can take care of herself, and she does. But then she lets her guard down after falling for Joe Dawson? Give me a break. At least she doesn't back down from a fight when it comes to whoever was vandalizing and sabotaging her father's ranch. In my opinion, the ending was corny, but overall it was a good story. I liked it a lot.

"The Promise of Forgiveness" is a good story and it certainly would be the kind of novel that touches on the subject of learning to love again, overcoming grief, and learning to forgive. Forgiving another person can be really hard and it may not even happen. Sometimes you just have to forgive someone even if they are not sorry and even if they are no longer around to ask for that forgiveness. The author gives a very interesting take on the subject of forgiveness at the very end of the book and only the reader of this novel can decide what to take away from it all in learning to forgive and hopefully let go of past hurts. In doing so, a person can finally break free of that pain and enjoy life in the present again.

Book Blurb for The Promise of Forgiveness

A novel of love, forgiveness, and the unbreakable bonds of family from award-nominated author Marin Thomas . . .

When it comes to family, Ruby Baxter hasn’t had much luck. The important men in her early life abandoned her, and any time a decent boyfriend came along, she ran away. But now Ruby is thirty-one and convinced she is failing her teenage daughter. Mia is the one good thing in her life, and Ruby hopes a move to Kansas will fix what’s broken between them.

But the road to redemption takes a detour. Hank McArthur, the biological father Ruby never knew existed, would like her to claim her inheritance: a dusty oil ranch just outside of Unforgiven, Oklahoma.

As far as first impressions go, the gruff, emotionally distant rancher isn’t what Ruby has hoped for in a father. Yet Hank seems to have a gift for rehabilitating abused horses—and for reaching Mia. And if Ruby wants to entertain the possibility of a relationship with Joe Dawson, the ranch foreman, she must find a way to open her heart to the very first man who left her behind.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 5.00