The Deep Black Pond

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The Deep Black Pond

Meet the interesting characters of the dark black pond: The King who, out of loneliness, creates soldiers out of pond scum; Queen Lilly, the queen of the water lillies who is so terrified of looking old that she spends her days sunbathing near the pond's surface; the Baron, whose attempts to befriend the King and Queen are a failure because his messengers requesting such an alliance never return; Cuddles, a terrifying, ugly sea monster who is actually eating all of the Baron's lost messengers; Qurgo, a warrior cursed by the forest fairies to carry a Peewee village on his shoulders; and Mimi, the littlest Peewee in her village.

One day Qurgo is fishing in the big black pond and Cuddles tries to eat his bait! Qurgo loses his balance and Mimi falls into the water. The Peewee is floating through the black pond and experiences different encounters with the pond residents she meets. Each resident thinks Mimi should be returned to her family and friends, but how will they do it?

The Deep Black Pond by Morgan Kostival is a really sweet story filled with colorful pictures and interesting characters. Even though the character Cuddles is mean and a big threat to the others who live in the black pond, he is kind of cute in that mutant fish sort of way. Even the irony behind his name is funny, though it seems to be a curse for him. "Besides being ugly, the reason Cuddles was so very mean was because everyone called him Cuddles. He hates that name!"

Mimi is such a cute character and it's humbling that she has a stuttering problem. The author writes this story in simple language and describes his characters so well. If any child would not be interested in the pictures, the story alone would suffice as everything becomes so easy to visualize thanks to the author's narration. This is a story I enjoyed reading this book and a child who is interested in the many interesting things that lie beneath an ocean may enjoy this story, as well.

Book Blurb for The Deep Black Pond

The children's adventure The Deep Black Pond takes place on a very special tropical island. The fanciful creatures there inhabit a small pond situated in the middle of the island. Follow the misadventures of one of these tiny creatures named Mimi the peewee. Learn just how Mimi becomes the very first pink pearl in the world! At the same time, Mimi unknowingly brings together all the other creatures living in the pond by inspiring cooperation and friendship. This fable-like bedtime story will enthrall your little ones, as Mimi meets the Queen of the water lilies, Cuddles the fish, and the mysterious Baron. You will also see the mysteries of the deep through the talented eyes of author/photographer Morgan Kostival, who says, "I write to preserve my child-like imagination that, sadly, too many adults forget how to use." Morgan Kostival plans to continue writing and illustrating children's books. "I wrote this book while simultaneously creating and photographing the creatures that are featured in it. I was interested in creating a world that was hitherto unknown." He lives in Lake Worth, Florida. Publisher's Web site:

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00