The Buccaneering Book of Pirates

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The Buccaneering Book of Pirates

What a pirate-like delight this book would be to any little boy or girl who only dreams of finding pirate treasure! They will find it with the book, The Buccaneering Book of Pirates, which contains 6 of the most famous pirate stories from around the globe. But that’s not all young readers will be treated to with this book, for in the treasure chest inside, there’s a ginormous poster of a pirate that kids can hang up on their wall! But this pirate is sneaky; he’s hiding goodies and treasure in his pockets, as well as in his boots! Avast ye mateys! It’s time to go on a treasure hunt with this poster and find the treasure this no-good pirate is hiding!

And if it’s a good pirate story of adventure, daring and swashbuckling excitement you crave, look no further than the stories in this book! To start with, there is the classic story of Treasure Island, where young Jim Hawkins is accidentally stowed away on the Hispaniola and taken prisoner by Captain Flint! Then there’s the story of The Corsair Captain, the most dangerous and frightening pirate of the Mediterranean Sea. The other stories that follow are all classic pirate tales full of frightening and bone-chilling illustrations of nasty pirates, and you’ll find out why these stories are so important when clues on the poster tell you just why pirates have the pearl earring, what a piece of parchment with a black hole on it means, and the legend behind the Jolly Roger, a skull and bones flag that is the fearsome symbol of every seafaring pirate!

But did I say treasure? Arr! If ye be brave enough to steal the treasure map from Captain Blackbeard himself, a bounty of gold coins and jewels can be yours! But watch out for Davy Jones' locker, where a ghostly skeleton awaits to take you to a watery grave! Weigh anchor, me hearties! It's time to set sail for a pirate adventure with The Buccaneering Book of Pirates!

The Buccaneering Book of Pirates is a treasure chest of classic pirate stories that will enchant children of all ages. Full of daring swashbuckling adventures and pirates, these stories will educate readers on just why certain symbols ended up becoming a mainstay of pirate lore. Open the treasure chest inside to find a poster bigger than life that contains secret clues and a REAL treasure map for young pirates!

Book Blurb for The Buccaneering Book of Pirates

Ahoy, matey! Meet a larger-than-life buccaneer ready for adventure. This picture book follow-up to The Giant Book of Giants features a removable, pop-up pirate poster that's over four feet tall, with lift-the-flaps and pockets containing treasures tucked inside. Six vibrantly illustrated and action-packed tall tales complete the high-seas fun. 

The six stories include:

Treasure Island  *  The Corsair Captain  *  The Captain's Secret  *  Davy Jones' Locker  *  The Pirate Queen  *  A Royal Pardon

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00