The 25,000 Mile Love Story

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The 25,000 Mile Love Story

The Epic Story of the Couple Who Sacrificed Everything to Run the World

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who dream and those who do. Author Serge Roetheli, who told the story of how he and his wife Nicole ran the world in his book The 25,000 Mile Love Story, is one of those people who do. He is an adventurer at heart. Not everyone is an adventurer, and for some people, once is enough. For Serge Roetheli, once is never enough. Before he ran the world, he also climbed mountains and ran other treacherous routes. He was a boxer who almost made it to the Olympics – and would have, had it not been for someone else’s poor decisions. His has an insatiable hunger for the adventure, the extreme, the excitement and the impossible. For Roetheli, nothing is impossible, and he proves it time and again in his life of adventure and daring. Here, in this book, he has proved it again. Some people may think something like, Run around the world? Impossible. Not for Roetheli. He did the “impossible” and proved that it can be done. His book tells readers how he did it and how both he and his wife survived it.

I found this story of the Roethelis running the world to be inspiring. Though I questioned why he chose to drink soda to stay hydrated instead of water or Gatorade, and though I didn't approve of the author putting down his ex-wife (his first wife) just because she was not an adventurer like him, I had to admire his stamina and determination. There were things they had to face like war in other countries, the danger of being attacked by drug lords, accidents, sickness and oppressive temperatures (both hot and cold), but they got through it all in one piece. They made it all the way to the end. They never quit, they never gave up, because they were determined to see their journey through to the end. They both faced sickness and loss while away from their home country of Switzerland and away from their families, but they stuck with their decision until the end. They. Kept. Going. And that’s pretty darn admirable in itself.

Another thing I liked about this story was how they were doing this for a cause. They didn’t just wake up one morning and decide, Gee, let’s run around the world just for the heck of it. No, they wanted to make this even bigger than it already was, by running for a cause. Their cause was to help children in impoverished countries, as well as to help people get medical care for their eyes. People had cataract surgeries and got glasses thanks to them. By partnering with sponsors, they were able to help a lot of people with this run. That is something I really liked about this particular adventure Mr. Roetheli took on. It was tied to a good cause.

The 25,000 Mile Love Story is an inspirational story of how one couple beat the odds to run the world and help impoverished children at the same time. Theirs is a story of hope, inspiration, determination and courage. Readers need not be a runner or adventurer to enjoy this story; it can be a story enjoyed by anyone. It inspires people to step up to challenges once thought impossible and brave it all to do something big.

After suffering an accident in which doctors told him he would never walk again, Swiss mountain guide Serge Roetheli made it a point to not only walk again, but run. And he never stopped running. He ran so much, in fact, that he ended up running around the world. Accompanied by his wife Nicole, who rode a motorcycle pulling their trailer, Serge Roetheli beat the impossible odds of running 25,000 miles around the world and helping impoverished children thanks to his epic journey.

Book Blurb for The 25,000 Mile Love Story

The 25,000 Mile Love Story is a love storybut not a love story in the traditional sense. It is not just about a man and woman; nor is it just about a husband and wife. There are many people who can write that story. Instead, this is a love story that has lasted a lifetimea love for the worlds roads and all the people who inhabit them. You will follow Serge Roetheli through his childhood as an adventurer, through his teen years as a boxer, and through his adult life as a runner and mountain guide. As he writes in this intriguing memoir, You will sit by my side as I fell in lovenot once, not twice, but three times. And you will run the road with me on The American Challenge and The World Tour. Then, you will return with me to where I belong, and I pray that you will take away some life lessons and the truth I have come to know so well.

His life lessons are simple: It doesnt matter where you come from or what you start with. Possessing more or less doesnt ensure happiness or even victory.

You cannot win the race overnight; you win it by persistenceby daily devotion. And you win it by doing the little things well.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50