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Shy Knives

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When it comes to a story set in the Pathfinder world, you are guaranteed a story of adventure, excitement and thrill. Oh, but let us also not forget humor! Yes! Humor! You get a lot of that while reading this latest installment in the Pathfinder Tales series, "Shy Knives", written by the very talented fantasy author Sam Sykes. The main character in this story, Shaia Ratani, or “Shy,” as she is called, has a quip at the ready every time she faces disaster or a setback. She’s witty and sarcastic and there were many times something she said or thought made me laugh. (Example: “Wizards always keep skulls, for whatever reason. Freaks.”) Even when she had a blade pointed at her neck or there was some madwoman using a wand sending out lightning bolts at her, Shy was as quick to deliver funny one-liners faster than she was ready to strike with her beloved blade, Whisper.

Even so, this is not meant to be a funny story. It’s a fantasy novel, after all. But this is also a story in which the message that you can take a girl out of the slums but you can’t take the slums out of the girl is made clear. Shy is no saint. She’s a liar, a thief, a manipulator and a killer. She knows this and stays true to who she is, well aware that she can’t be changed no matter how convinced another character is that she came tame her. Shy learned the hard way how to survive on the streets and it turned her into one of the best assassins around. An assassin who, I might add, is being hunted by the Brotherhood she betrayed. A Brotherhood that now wants her blood and maybe some mincemeat made out of her corpse. But that is just some silly matter that Shy tries to forget about when she takes a job to help a rich woman find her fiancé’s killer. So it’s a new kind of running for Shy – running from centaurs, guards, fiends and a lunatic witchy woman set on world domination via some hellspawn she plans to create.

If that kind of adventure and excitement sounds like your kinda thing, then check out "Shy Knives" and get ready to read a story you won’t soon forget.

Book Blurb for Shy Knives

Shaia “Shy” Ratani is a clever rogue who makes her living outside of strictly legal methods. While hiding out in the frontier city of Yanmass, she accepts a job solving a nobleman’s murder, only to find herself sucked into a plot involving an invading centaur army that could see the whole city burned to the ground. Shy could stop that from happening, but doing so would involve revealing herself to the former friends who now want her dead. Add in an aristocratic partner with the literal blood of angels in her veins, and Shy quickly remembers why she swore off doing good deeds in the first place.

Based on the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

With more than a million players worldwide, Pathfidner is the world's most popular tabletop RPG.

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Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 5.00