Poetry to Challenge the Senses

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Poetry to Challenge the Senses

The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley once said, “Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.” And sometimes our world and our senses can be a little distorted, even chaotic. But Donald Elix has given our world, life itself, and our emotions, a very analytical eye, and has produced his interpretations of such distortions in clear verse that touches us in new ways through his poetry book, "Poetry to Challenge the Senses". And he has made them all beautiful. Here we see the world with brand new eyes and with new perspective. A lot of the poems in this book are musings we can relate to – the love for another, finding our way through the blinding mist of a city, and how we strive to cling to what is important to us no matter what. And other poems are thoughtful musings about everyday people, everyday things. All told, a nice collection that covers a little bit of everything.

I liked the poem "A Place for Me." It sounds like a great place to hide away from everything! The poem "Mother of Mine" was very touching and "The Old-Town Place" reminded me of spending time at a favorite coffee shop or bookstore – just that one special place to escape to. I also liked the poem "Beside the Sea" a lot! I really felt like I was standing on the shore, with the sand in between my toes, gazing out at the sea. My favorite line from that poem: "I think I'll just stay here/And dream, and rest, beside the sea." I also liked this quote, "As I live and learn, I must continue to dream" from the poem "Make Time for Dreams" – another good poem.

"Poetry to Challenge the Senses" is not so much a collection of poems taking readers to task on trying to accept things in a new way, but to open ourselves to another person’s way of seeing things and living life. It is a collection of poems that touches the heart, soothes the soul and gently lulls the mind into a peaceful enclave of escape. It was certainly a book that I enjoyed reading and one I will definitely be reading again. Keep an eye on this poet; he’s got a gift with verse that the world needs a little bit more of.

Book Blurb for Poetry to Challenge the Senses

Building on his recollection of the various places he has lived and visited, author Donald Elix shares a series of verses that explore his memories and his imagination. These poems draw from many historical places and time periods, reflecting the mood of a myriad of events both past and present. They also reflect an element of quiet contemplation that was vital to their creation. Thought-provoking and unique, this poetry collection examines the meaning of life’s experiences in verse from a variety of perspectives. Blue Sunset The sun is fading now and dusk is settling in. Wisps of strata float aimlessly toward the darkening horizon. Majestic firs nestle in ebony satin cloaks for nocturnal hiding. Patches of brilliant blue embrace the last rays of day. The evening sky now trades its rays of day For a cloak of dark. Now, after sunset, Brightness fades into thousands of subdued, Nameless, incandescent, twinkling lights Against a blanket of black, which engulfs The earth as far as the mind can fathom— Not long removed from another blue sunrise.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 5.00