Nine Lives

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Nine Lives

A Story of Horror

While overall 9 Lives by George M. Moser is a good horror story, there are some flaws that were hard to overlook. There is quite a bit of repetition here – for example, at one point I was muttering about how the author already noted a character’s eye color or how someone was feeling – and there is a lot of telling and not so much showing. Aside from the writer failing to describe things and people very well, his supporting characters fall flat. The chief of police comes to life through his use of the word “Barbie” in place of swear words, true, but we don’t know much else about him. Also, Michael’s wife, Jenny, likewise falls flat. This important character is not fleshed out very well in the story. I mean, who is she? What is her history? What does she do? Additionally, Michael’s dream is to be an astronomer, but not once do we see him act like it; he never looks up at the stars through a telescope or reads an astronomy magazine. Finally, in one chapter, it is supposed to be taking place on one day, Halloween, because that is the chapter title. However, later on in the chapter, it says five days have passed, then in the next chapter, it’s Halloween again. That was pretty confusing.

The many episodes of Michael killing cats was very hard to read, even though they were demon cats. But those scenes were still gruesome and made it hard for me to want to continue reading this story. If you love cats or even like them a little, I recommend not reading this book unless you have a strong stomach. I also thought the way Michael “accidentally” killed the kitten was very stupid. Who gets into their car and turns it on when they know a cat is RIGHT THERE? It didn’t make any sense at all and it seemed like he WANTED to kill that kitten.

After Michael Merlino accidentally kills a stray kitten that had wandered into his backyard, his life shatters from the charming and happy life he works so hard for to a nightmare. He is haunted by demonic cats who are cursed with a white milky eye, and no one seems to believe him that the these strange cats are out to get him for what seems like a thirst for revenge. Then Michael discovers an ancient Egyptian curse spawning from a cat-creature named Valafar, and it’s a race against time as the demon cats’ nine lives get smaller and smaller and Michael must save his family before it is too late.

Book Blurb for Nine Lives

Michael Merlino lives a charmed life with a successful career, beautiful wife, and beloved son-until his dear father passes away; then things turn strange. Michael can't seem to shake this weird feeling, but maybe he just misses his dad, his mentor. He ignores the feeling that something is wrong. One day, he accidentally kills a stray cat-a sad but everyday sort of accident; he doesn't give it much thought. When another cat appears in Michael's life, however, it makes him wonder whether the stray cat really died, and whether cats actually do have nine lives, as the saying goes. But this isn't your normal stray kitty. This cat is out for revenge. Its spirit wants something from Michael, but what? When a man has everything to lose, however, it's much easier to make it happen-especially when that man is up against what appears to be a supernatural enemy. As Michael begins to face his own demons via a demon cat that won't die, his work begins to slide. His life at home gets more difficult, even with his wife there to support him. Then, there was that note his father left that told Michael to "drive it". What did the note mean? Could it possibly have been a warning? The mystery must be solved, as the reincarnated cat keeps getting bigger and meaner, threatening not just Michael's life, but his soul in the bargain.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.00