Necessary Evil

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Necessary Evil

A Collection of Horror Stories

Spooky stories are always such fun to read. What’s even better is reading a collection of horror stories. Nothing like opening a book and enjoying one spinetingling tale after another. And that’s what readers get when they start reading Necessary Evil by Tina Starr. The stories are filled with macabre, mystery and mayhem, lingering in the mind long after I reached the very end. They gave me goosebumps and filled me with terror as I read one story after another. Even though the stories were scary, I found it hard to stop reading and eagerly started on the next story after I finished reading the previous one.

It’s hard to choose a favorite story from this book. All of them are good. They all have a strange character, eerie mood and the kind of setting just perfect for something bad to happen. What’s more, especially with a story like “To Feed the Hungry,” these are stories that could very well happen in real life. Anything horrific is possible in this world, and so it is with these stories. Well, the last story, “Necessary Evil,” may not be possible since it takes place on a futuristic Mars, but the other stories definitely made me wonder, What if? They also had me looking over my shoulder and leaving lights on. They were spooky and frightening stories that I enjoyed reading. With six short horror stories in this book, a reader looking for spooky stories to read won’t be disappointed when they start reading Necessary Evil.

A collection of short dark and horror stories, Necessary Evil takes readers through spooky tales and dark enchantments of the soul. A machine goes terribly wrong in its quest to be human, a demented old woman seeks revenge through her cats, a young man becomes a vampire in the most odd and twisted way, a woman given a wooden totem discovers just what kind of madness her earnest wish for society can bring, and a rebellious teen bizarrely ends up in a world that gives him what he wants but at a price. Spinetingling stories and spooky characters await anyone about to read Necessary Evil by Tina Starr.

Book Blurb for Necessary Evil

Necessary Evil contains the terrifying "Oded the Merciless" (previously published in audio format at Pseudopod) and more dark fiction. Six horror stories, 22,000 words total:

Oded the Merciless

A relentless computer AI on a spaceship torments a woman to discover the nature of the human condition.

To Feed the Hungry

A lesson in be careful what you wish for.

Nature Boy

An angry young man is offered his heart's desire, but only if he can believe in magic.

Cold Comfort

An elderly woman is hiding something far worse than her menagerie of cats.

Red Tide

Bad things happen when a vampire bites a dolphin.

Necessary Evil

A real estate agent on Mars struggles with an ethical quandary when she tries to sell a house.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.50