Murder at Midnight

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Murder at Midnight

Who killed Lisa Craig? Was it Alec Webb, her swim instructor who seemed to have something more than a teacher-student relationship with her? Was it Garrick Boyd, the jealous boyfriend known for violence? Or was it Victor Kenny, the quiet, reclusive man so infatuated by LIsa? The twentieth anniversary of Lisa Craig's murder is coming up and Scott Preston, a reporter at the Morning Herald who has covered the case, is hot on this trail. His infatuation and even physical attraction to Lisa draws him into his desire to solve this case even more. It's a cold case, sure, but some cold cases just won't go away. Especially since the cold case involves a beautiful young woman murdered one night as she was walking home. For Scott, solving this cold case with his own investigating is the only thing that will make his obsession over Lisa Craig go away. He wants to find the killer and bring that killer to justice.

Murder at Midnight by Karen Lewis a cleverly written mystery novel readers won't soon forget. It kept me guessing and trying to figure things out. It was hard to stop reading this story and the story never had a dull moment. There was no overuse of the surprises in this story, because each new surprise kept me reading even more. It was interesting to see how the reporters and the police interacted with each other over the investigations of the Craig case...the arguing, the misleading and the scuffle for leverage over the case. The reporters had it in for the cops, the cops had it in for the reporters. And as the reporters dug deeper and kept sniffing around for clues, the tempers among police officers and the richest man in the province just kept growing and growing. Scott puts his personal safety, his job and his family on the line to solve the mystery, and the story just kept getting better and better towards the end.

The story is told almost entirely from Scott's POV, but readers get to see the police officers in action, too. In fact, the story is told with a touch of tough-cop talk that had me almost hearing the Dragnet theme song in certain scenes of the story. And as a writer for a newspaper, I could only shake my head over the semi-sensationalist headlines used for the Morning Herald newspaper stories. Then again, that's probably the kind of newspaper our character writes for.

Murder at Midnight is a fantastic whodunit that held my interest from beginning to end. If you like cop stories and mysteries, check out this story and you won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Murder at Midnight

MURDER AT MIDNIGHT Twenty years have passed since Lisa Craig was found murdered in a park at midnight. Her killer was never found. When the case is re-opened, reporter Scott Preston falls increasingly under Lisa's spell. Her spirit seems to reach out to possess him. Scott’s quest to find out what really happened to the murdered girl, takes him down a perilous road. And the answer when it finally comes lies too shockingly close to home for comfort. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 5.00