Meeting Infinity

What does the future hold? If you could imagine what the future would be like, what kind of story would you tell to describe it? For many sci-fi writers, they often write about what the future might be like. But what if the future is now? For such writers, they share with you their ideas in the new sci-fi anthology Meeting Infinity, a collection of some very interesting and inspiring stories from some of today’s top writers, which was edited by Jonathan Strahan. Get ready for tales of galactic travel, unexplored worlds and strange technology as only could exist in our future.

The story "Rates of Change" by James S.A. Corey was awesome. I love the idea of being able to recycle bodies. As long as it is still us in there. How cool is that? I for one would jump at that chance, since my body is broken and scarred. I also liked the story “Cocoons” by Nancy Kress and “Aspects” by Gregory Benford.

The story "All the Wrong Places" was hard to read. It had that whole "Every Breath You Take" sort of thing going for it. Was that guy desperate? My brain was screaming "Stalker! Stalker!" as I read it. I also marveled over how the story “My Last Bringback” by Jim Barnes touched on the modern issue of slavery. And was signaling something sort of like sign language? Made me wonder about communication for the deaf in the future, though there are limitless possibilities on what might change for the deaf in the future.

Unfortunately, there was one story in this book that I didn't really like. I didn't read it all the way through; just skimmed over the rest after it got to be intolerable. That's going to happen with every anthology that a person reads. There is going to be that one story that is not their style. Nothing personal against the author. This story just didn't do it for me. However, my teenaged daughter read this story from beginning to end and she liked it.

Meeting Infinity is a delightful, eclectic and mind-blowing reading experience for anyone who has ever wondered what the future might hold. Read these stories to explore the creative and fantastic ideas of sci-fi writers sharing with you what the future may be as only seen through their eyes. It would not surprise this reviewer if any one of these stories reflected a future which may be very real for us someday.

Book Blurb for Meeting Infinity

Continuing the award-nominated SF anthology series from multiple award-winning editor Jonathan Strahan.

The world we are living in is changing every day. We surf future shock every morning when we get out of bed. And with every passing day we are increasingly asked: how do we have to change to live in the future we are faced with?

Whether it’s climate change, inundated coastlines and drowned cities; the cramped confines of a tin can hurtling through space to the outer reaches of our Solar System; or the rush of being uploaded into some cyberspace, our minds and bodies are going to have to change and change a lot. Meeting Infinity will be one hundred thousand words of SF filled with action and adventure that attempts to answer the question: how much do we need to change to meet tomorrow and live in the future? The incredible authors contributing tho this collection are: Gregory Benford, James S.A. Corey, Aliette de Bodard, Kameron Hurley, Simon Ings, Madeline Ashby, John Barnes, Gwyneth Jones, Nancy Kress, Yoon Ha Lee, Ian McDonald, Ramez Naam, An Owomoyela, Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Bruce Sterling and  Sean Williams

The books of the “Infinity Project” trace an arc: from the present day into the far future, and now from the broad canvas of interstellar space to the most intimate space of all - ourselves.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 5.00