End of Secrets

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End of Secrets

Don’t let the title of this novel fool you. There are a ton of secrets in this story. Everybody is keeping secrets. Everybody is covering stuff up or avoiding some subject. Even people who are intimately involved with each other keep secrets from each other. This story is full of them. But the “end of secrets” the title of this story indicates has to do with a different kind of secret that everybody who uses the Internet or lives publicly has, and to have all those secrets handed over to the wrong people can be disastrous. This is why we have cyber security in the government and it’s also why many police departments have a cybercrimes unit. But what happens when the people who are able to take away every ounce of your privacy and hold it up to the next highest bidder? Worse, in a way where the government is not only in their pockets but is actually trying to cover it up?

That is pretty much the gist of the novel End of Secrets, a riveting, powerful debut novel by Ryan Quinn. When former CIA agent Kera Mersal is assigned to a cybersecurity network presumably owned by the government and also presumably working for the government’s best interests, at first it seems like she’s supposed to track down people who have mysteriously vanished. But then she realizes she is now part of something much, much bigger and she has the decision to either get out of Dodge or join them. But it’s not so much a matter of getting out; for her, she won’ go quietly. And she has to be careful of who she can trust.

At first, I was confused about something in this story, but then I remembered the rule: Keep your friends close and your enemy closer. I had to wonder why Kera felt she could trust the people that she did, because in that line of work, you can’t trust anyone. Even someone who CLAIMS to be on your side. But she pretty much covered her bases. She definitely acted like someone trained by the CIA and she definitely was a strong character I was really captivated by. It’s always refreshing to see a female lead character written so well and there was no disappointments here. The story is fast paced and you really have to stay with it to keep up because, just like the bad guys in this story, everything in the next chapter stays one step ahead. I was definitely on the edge of my seat as I read this story because the threats the characters faced were very real and the story just really came to life for me. It was hard to put this book down and it really escalated at the end. It was a good novel and I’d pick it up to read again someday. The story just really stayed with me and it made me think of just how safe our secrets are.

End of Secrets is the kind of story that brings the real world of security up close and personal. It shows just how far government can go to play Big Brother and just how little privacy we really have. It’s the kind of novel that grabs hold of a reader and doesn’t let go until the very end.

Book Blurb for End of Secrets

Though her specialty is foreign cyberterrorism, CIA agent Kera Mersal finds herself plunged into a bizarre domestic case. Singers, writers, and artists are disappearing, leaving no trace in a world where everyone leaves a digital footprint. Posing as a journalist, Kera attempts to track the artists’ last-known movements.

On a hunt that takes her from the underground art scene to a rogue domestic spying program, Kera finds her investigation on a deadly collision course with ONE Corp., the world’s largest multimedia conglomerate. As she’s drawn deeper into the investigation, she discovers that an enigmatic young ad exec, a wealthy playboy, and a mysterious website may connect the missing artists and ONE’s growing power. And with each discovery comes confirmation of a terrifying truth—no one’s secrets are safe.

A smartly suspenseful and timely thriller, End of Secrets dives into the depths of our culture’s two most relentless obsessions: entertainment and profit.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00