Bug Detective

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Bug Detective

Have you got a little bug detective in your home? Then you might want to give them this book, aptly titled Bug Detective! Your young student of arachnids, insects and other assorted creepie crawlies will delight in reading this book. There’s information on each bug’s life cycle, how they live, what they eat and where to find them. A bonus is that almost all of the short chapters packs a good mythbusting bunch, dispelling myths such as that all bees die after they sting someone (just honeybees) and that if you cut a worm in half, you’ll have two worms (only the end with the head grows).

But the biggest thing your young bug detective will love is how this book comes with its own mini magnifying glass! My own young bug detective had fun using the magnifying glass to find hidden insects or to accomplish the “missions” on the selected pages. This could definitely be a fun diversion from reading the book itself and gives the young reader an up-close-and-personal view of the bugs, insects and spiders. One downside, though, is that the magnifying glass did not stay in the slot on the book for it, so we lost it. But it was fun to use while we still had it.

Bug Detective is a fun and engaging introduction to the world of bugs crawling around in your own backyard. Children may find this as a handy guide to understanding bugs better and adults could use it to help young bug detectives enjoy their bug-collecting world even more.

Book Blurb for Bug Detective

From creepy-crawly beetles and scary spiders to beautiful butterflies, this playful guide will reach out and grab bug-crazy kids! Funny, picture-packed pages provide tons of information on bug habitat, feeding rituals, predators, and more, while each spread focuses on one creature-like bees or centipedes—with a brief introduction and facts scattered brightly everywhere. Plus, the book comes with a magnifying glass embedded in the cover, so budding "detectives" can complete the “missions” they'll find throughout, along with additional activities in the back.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 5.00