Barron's Totally Wild Fact Packed, Fold-Out Animal Atlas

Buckle up, animal lovers! Barron's Totally Wild Animal Atlas is about to take you on a journey of exploration across the world to check out the many different kinds of animals that we share this planet with.

All kinds of animals are showcased in this mega book, many of which I never knew existed! With fold-out maps and graphs, this book meant for children will certainly delight animal lovers of all ages. There is so much information in this book that it's bound to keep readers immersed in it for hours.

This book doesn't just talk about animals but also the environment that they live in. Readers of this book will also learn about areas of the world where you can find specific types of animals. There's also the occasional list of "record breakers" that notes amazing animals or unique climates and also information about animals that help people.

I really enjoyed reading this book and studying the maps. The many pictures and awesome illustrations of the animals gave me a better idea of what animals I'm not familiar with looked like. It definitely made me want to learn more about them after I finished reading the book. My under-10 child also enjoyed this book.

Barron's Totally Wild Animal Atlas is an awesome book! A real treat for animal lovers everywhere.

Book Blurb for Barron's Totally Wild Fact Packed, Fold-Out Animal Atlas

Get ready to let them hold the whole world in their hands when you give them this big, bright, beautiful atlas! All of the weird and wonderful animals that inhabit our extraordinary earth are here to delight and enchant young readers (Mom and Dad, too!). Created in rich, glorious detail, illustrated maps give curious kids something to pore over and discover every time, including:Regional maps that clearly show where animals live, plus country names, capitals, and boundariesLarge gatefold maps that feature whole continents and highlight the diversity of the world's terrains and natural wondersSpecial feature boxes on habitats and ecosystems, such as rainforests and riversAn incredible, comprehensive pop-up map of the world that showcases wildlife around the globe--and at a glance

Accessible text that's packed with intriguing statistics and dramatic, full-color photography"Record Breakers," "Fact Files," "Wildlife Watch," and "Weird But True" boxes that demonstrate all the wonders of the animal kingdom

Youngsters love learning about animals, natural history and world geography, and this book teaches them all about each topic in fun, engaging ways. Kids also learn about sustainability, habitat destruction, and climate issues, so they can become more aware of the world they share with our amazing animal kingdom.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00