Within the Flames

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Within the Flames

A Dirk & Steele Novel

Eddie owes his life to the Dirk & Steele Agency, they gave him a reason to live when he joined their agency. As a pyrokinetic, he spent years on the street doing almost anything to survive, so he's grateful for the chance to gain control of his life. When he's asked to track down one of the last surviving shape-changing dragons to save her from a band of witches seeking her for blood magic, Eddie knows that he's her best chance for survival. Lyssa has been on the run for years, hiding from the woman who killed her parents and is after her. She knows that no one is safe around her, especially with her wild fire power, except for Eddie. These two have secrets that haunt them, and keep them from any chance of a happy future, unless their willing to step within the flames and let go.

I haven't read any of Marjorie M. Lui's Dirk & Steele books, but I am definitely going to fix that. I loved the mixture of romance, intrigue and paranormal, with shape-shifters and witches galore. "Within The Flames" was still extremely enjoyable as a stand-alone book, and I look forward to reading more about Eddie and Lyssa.

Book Blurb for Within the Flames

From bestselling author Marjorie M. Liu, here comes an exciting new installment to her award winning "Dirk and Steele" series in which high stakes and sizzling passion keep readers riveted.

Joining the Dirk & Steele Agency turned Eddie's life around. A pyrokinetic and former car thief, he cannot refuse an assignment to cross the continent in order to rescue an extraordinary woman in peril. . . even though he fears losing control of the destructive power of flame at his fingertips.

The last of her shape-shifting kind, Lyssa hides in the abandoned tunnels beneath Manhattan, seeking refuge from those who murdered her family a decade ago and would now destroy her as well. Like Eddie, fire is her weapon, her destiny. . . and her curse. Yet she wants nothing to do with this mesmerizing stranger who seeks her trust whle enflaming her passion. For beneath Lyssa's extraordinary beauty are dangerous secrets. . . and even darker, nearly irresistible urges. But she has won the heart of a fearless protector. . . and all the demons in the world will not make him back down.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00