Veracity in Truth

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Veracity in Truth

Regency Romance

When Draken showed up at Veracity’s doorstep in the middle of night demanding her to go to the Cornish coast to nurse her ailing uncle she should have known her life would never be the same.Veracity’s name may have meant “truth” but she was lying to herself if she tried to deny her feelings for Draken. While Draken was overbearing, rude, and obnoxious, but he was also intriguing, captivating and darkly handsome. Throw in smugglers, an invalid uncle, and a murder attempt to come up with what should be a real page-turner. Unfortunately, the author relies heavily on trite plot manipulations and rote character descriptions which keep the reader from truly entering the story. Still, anyone who enjoys Regency romances and is looking for a light, breezy read, should jump right into this book.

Book Blurb for Veracity in Truth

This is a sweeping tale of desperate love, dark intrigue, ship wreckers, smugglers, and the mysterious Lord Draken Hazelmere.   Veracity Beresford, pampered darling of Regency London, finds herself torn from her safe existence.   Forced by Lord Hazelmere, she travels to the Devonshire coast, to Seacliff House, there to nurse her invalid uncle. Strange things occur upon her arrival. Veracity soon discovers she is in the midst of devious plots by persons unknown. Then, when wreckers sink a ship, Veracity realizes that Draken, the man she now loves, may be the key to it all. Is he her salvation or damnation? Are he and her uncle involved in horrible crimes? Veracity, in truth, must find the answers in time to save her and those she loves.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 2.50