Two Lost Dolls

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Two Lost Dolls

Heat Level: eXcess 2

Peggy and Linda are dolls, living dolls, ready to be brought to life by their Master or Mistress, at any age or as any woman, eager to serve and be loved. When Peggy is discovered by Amy and the bond between doll and Mistress is accidentally broken due to Amy’s fright, Peggy is free. She brings Linda to full-size, and the two dolls must create a new life on their own without a Master to lead them. They decide to live as teenage girls and experience high school and life anew. Amy, her brother Todd and his best friend Chris, come back into the dolls’ lives. Peggy and Linda are eager to help others while still experiencing love as a teenager.
D.B. Story has taken an interesting premise and written a well-crafted story around it. For any fan of sci-fi, this is an intriguing book, which still manages to weave romance into the plot. I will eagerly be watching for any forth-coming works by D.B. Story.

Book Blurb for Two Lost Dolls

Marshall Ian Key’s excellent novel Living Dolls introduced us to a pair of dolls, which with a few minor limitations, could become any willing woman you could name. While the doll’s origins remain a mystery for now, those dolls weren’t the only pair of them out in the world. Two Dolls Lost tells the story of dolls Peggy and Linda, accidentally discarded by their owner and left to fend for themselves. While they have their abilities as Living Dolls available to them now to use as they see fit, Peggy and Linda also have the problems of being naïve teenagers alone out in the world. How they use their abilities to create their own lives, while affecting the lives around them, will make you wish for a pair of dolls like them for your very own.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00