To Tempt the Devil

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To Tempt the Devil

Lord Hawkesbury's Players, #3

I’m a fan of historical romance but there are time periods that I enjoy reading about more than others. While Queen Elizabeth’s time in the late 1500s was just a little too short on personal comforts to truly be one of my favorites, but it was still filled with lots of excitement and adventure. ‘To Tempt A Devil’ covers the conniving and politics that went hand in hand for playhouses during this time period. C. J. Archer’s book is a somewhat enjoyable read, though there are some plot holes and character developments that feel a little contrived at times.

Lizzy Croft remembers when neighbor Rafe Fletcher left London seven years ago, with everyone fearful of his temper. Now he’s back, and with Lizzy engaged to his brother, the two are thrown in close contact. Due to Rafe’s background, Lizzy finds herself on the run with Rafe, accused of a murder they didn’t commit. While hiding from the authorities and trying to clear their name, the two soon find themselves also trying to fight a rising passion that could destroy them both.

Book Blurb for To Tempt the Devil

He’s dark and dangerous…and she can’t stay away…

Seven years have passed since Rafe Fletcher fled London. Now he has returned to make amends, only to find his brother, James, bound for debtors’ prison. Unable to clear James’s debts, Rafe does the next best thing, promising to watch over his brother’s betrothed in his absence. There’s just one problem: the shy, sweet girl he once knew has grown into an alluring young woman—one who wants absolutely nothing to do with a man like him.

Lizzy Croft isn’t fooled by Rafe’s dark good looks; she remembers all too well the hot-headed rogue he once was. But when Lizzy is framed for murder, she has no choice but to trust the man who once beat his brutish stepfather half to death, the man whose recent past is shrouded in mystery—the man who is slowly, inexorably winning her heart. Loving him would be the greatest risk of all…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.50