To Tempt a Knight

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To Tempt a Knight

Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars, #1

William Keith has been a Templar Knight for what seems a lifetime. His vows are what keep him going, even after the Templars are forced into hiding, branded heretics. Now De la Roche has come to Scotland from France, intent on rooting out all of the Templars and finding their treasure, including the Spear of Destiny. With the Spear of Destiny in hand, one is reputed to be invincible.  William is determined to find the treasure first and keep it out of the evil hand of De la Roche.
Siobhan has lived a quiet life with her father, seeing almost no one, yearning for adventure. After her father is taken by De la Roche and her home destroyed, Siobhan holds the map to the Templar treasure. She quickly finds that adventure may not be all that she wanted. William and Siobhan embark on a dangerous journey to find the Spear and to save her father, but quickly find themselves fighting a forbidden attraction. William's vows prohibit him from loving Siobhan, but his heart refuses to listen. Will Siobhan and William be able to find the treasure, save the Spear, rescue Siobhan's father and find a life together all while fighting evil forces intent on their destruction?
Gerri Russell's "To Tempt a Knight" is a fast moving romance, filled with intrigue and adventure. While predictable at places, with characters not always fully developed, and dialogue stilted in places, the novel still manages to grasp the reader's attention for a fun, light read.

Book Blurb for To Tempt a Knight

Sir William Keith owed allegiance to no one save the mysterious brotherhood of the Scottish Templars. But his task to protect the legendary Templar treasure brought him straight into the path of a bold lass who demanded he help her kidnapped father, the treasure's previous guardian.

William dared not abandon Lady Siobhan Fraser for her enemies. She was his best hope for finding the holy artifacts--and a dire temptation to his vow of chastity. How long could he deny the ecstasy that awaited him in her arms? For he knew all too well it's the forbidden fruit that tastes the sweetest . . .

Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars Series order:

Book 1: To Tempt a Knight

Book 2: Seducing the Knight

Book 3: Border Lord's Bride

Book 4: A Knight to Desire - available now!

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.50