The Simon and Kirby Library: Horror

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The Simon and Kirby Library: Horror

I’ve been reading comics since I was a little girl and anything dark and creepy is a special favorite. So I was very intrigued to see The Simon & Kirby Library: Horror collection featuring some of the earliest entries in the 1950s. Combining great artwork with twisted stories, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were masters of their field. It was a travesty that the subcommittee meeting by the Senate in 1954 led to censoring of comics by the Comics Code Authority and the downfall of many great comic titles. But this book at least brings back the heyday of horror comics. The stories range from a man trying to see behind the curtain of death, werewolves, aliens, a haunted cloak, to dream interpretations and true stories. Vivid artwork with action that leaps off the page makes this a collection that any comic book fan or horror aficionado will want for their very own. The only drawback at all is the size of the book, you’ll get a workout reading it, but it’s filled with lots of outstanding horror comics.

Book Blurb for The Simon and Kirby Library: Horror

At every point, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby raised the bar.

When they came to comics, Superman had been around for about a year, and the medium was still in its infancy. They took the action and made it explode, breaking out of the panels and sprinting across the page. They showed what comics could do, experimenting with layout and design, creating the first full-page panels and double page spreads.

Their first million-seller was a superhero (Captain America), and their next was military adventure that outsold Superman (DC's Boy Commandos). These two guys from Rochester and Brooklyn broke all the rules when they created the first romance comics, and they blazed trails in every genre: horror, science fiction, crime etc ...

Their work in the legendary title Black Magic was acclaimed by readers. It was held up on national television by the Senate Committee on Juvenile Delinquency, where experts claimed Black Magic contributed to the corruption of American youth! Also included here are the Simon and Kirby stories from the experimental terror title Strange World of Your Dreams.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00