The Royal Stuarts

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The Royal Stuarts

A History of the Family That Shaped Britain

The Royal Stuarts were a family that seemed destined to destroy themselves through bad choices and passion. Mary, Queen of Scots and James of the King James Bible are two of the most famous members but the family is filled with people who changed England and Scotland forever.

This novel follows the Stuarts from their earliest known beginnings up to the last known member, a Cardinal in Frascati, Italy, along with all the sweeping sagas inbetween. Allan Massie's book "The Royal Stuarts" is a gripping read for anyone who is a fan of English history, royalty or just history in general.

Book Blurb for The Royal Stuarts

In this fascinating and intimate portrait of the Stuarts, author Allan Massie takes us deep into one of history's bloodiest and most tumultuous reigns. Exploring the family's lineage from the first Stuart king to the last, The Royal Stuarts is a panoramic history of the family that acted as a major player in the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Union of the Crowns, the English Civil War, the Restoration, and more.ÿ

Drawing on the accounts of historians past and present, novels, and plays, this is the complete story of the Stuart family, documenting their path from the salt marshes of Brittany to the thrones of Scotland and England and eventually to exile. The Royal Stuarts brings to life figures like Mary, Queens of Scots, Charles I, and Bonnie Prince Charlie, uncovering a family of strong affections and fierce rivalries. Told with panache, this is the gripping true story of backstabbing, betrayal, and ambition gone awry.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00