The Ravishing of Lady May

An Erotic Novel in the Court of Henry VIII

Margaret has been raised in a convent since she was a baby, growing up with the knowledge that she was an abandoned foundling, with no family and money. But she discovers that she is actually Lady Margaret Roseberry, ward to King Henry VIII. Countess Arabella has been sent to bring her to court. Arabella's brother Jasper meets up with his sister and Margaret and is instantly attracted to Margaret, deciding to seduce her. But Arabella has decided that Margaret will be her meal ticket, training her in sensuous arts for the king's pleasure. Margaret is determined though that she will find pleasure herself, after being denied it so long at the convent. Will Margaret and Jasper find a way to please each other and themselves without angering the king?

"The Ravishing of Lady May" by Charlotte Lovejoy was a steamy and seductive, torrid and tawdry read, filled with lots of erotic encounters. While not much plot or character development takes place, Charlotte Lovejoy creates a hot, hot book for anyone looking for a one night stand of a story.

Book Blurb for The Ravishing of Lady May

She still has her innocence-but not for much longer...

Orphaned as an infant, May Roseberry has always longed for passions and pleasures beyond the convent walls. At seventeen, she receives a visit from the Countess of Wilyse, who whisks her away to the Tudor court.

Under the tutelage of Lady Wilyse, May learns to indulge in the earthly delights. But Lady Wilyse urges May to keep her maidenhead intact- omitting, of course, her plans to groom May as a plaything for no less than the king.

But when Lady Wilyse's rakish brother, Jasper, Earl of Hawksworth, joins them on their journey to court, May's certain he's the one to consummate her education...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.25