The Nonesuch

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The Nonesuch

As always, Georgette Heyer has proven herself to be queen of the Regency romance with her book The Nonesuch.
At twenty-eight, Ancilla Trent is definitely “on the shelf” but is content to be chaperone/governess to the badly-behaved but beautiful heiress Tiffany Wield. Sir Waldo Hawkridge, top of the Tulips of the London Ton is known as The Nonesuch due to athletic ability, fashion sense, horsemanship, wealth and all around ability. He quickly comes to discover the myriad attractions of Ancilla and discovers that love can be found even in the wilds of English countryside. Unfortunately, Ancilla isn’t looking for romance. When Tiffany flees to London, Ancilla must turn to Sir Waldo if she has any hopes of averting scandal. Throw in a sweet secondary romance, and The Nonesuch is a book that will leave you smiling and laughing all at once.
Georgette Heyer is a highly gifted writer who creates amazing characters, witty dialogue, and fabulous intrigue that is combined with well-researched Regency cant, dress, food and behavior as no one else can. For any fan of Jane Austen’s wonderful writing, Georgette Heyer is a wonderful continuation.

Book Blurb for The Nonesuch

A charming Georgette Heyer romance about finding love at any age.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.50