The Lady Flees Her Lord

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The Lady Flees Her Lord


Michele Young has crafted a superb work of Regency romance in The Lady Flees Her Lord.
Lucinda is desperate to escape her husband’s years of emotional and physical abuse because of her full-figure and inability to provide a heir. Lord Denbigh’s cruelty has left Lucinda unable to trust and love. Lord Hugo Wanstead, suffering from a war wound that will not heal and a wife’s death troubling his soul, returns to his family manor, finding his sleep shattered by nightmares and his days stressed by the impoverishment of his estate. Lucinda has created a new life in one of Hugo’s cottages but it’s threatened when he starts to thaw the ice around her heart. Will he still care when discovers her lies? And can Hugo protect Lucinda if her husband finds her in this seclude corner of England.
This book features a real-sized heroine who comes to love her body and a man who appreciates the lush curves of her full-figure. The sexual tension and suspenseful plot kept me eagerly turning pages. This is a book I will pick up more than once, a story I will enjoy every time I read it.

Book Blurb for The Lady Flees Her Lord

Regency romance with a heroine dealing with her body size and infertility in an abusive marriage, and the reclusive Peninsular war veteran hero struggling with alcoholism, impending poverty, and survivor's guilt, who can't resist her, body and soul.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.50