The Knight's Temptress

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The Knight's Temptress

Lairds of the Loch

When Lady Lina MacFarlan and her friend Elizabeth Galbraith are taken hostage during the Scottish upheaval of Jamie Stewart trying to gain his throne, she hopes that they will not only be rescued but in time to save their virtue and reputation. When one of their captors thinks to use Lina’s hand in marriage to gain lands, she is grateful to be saved in time thanks to Sir Ian Colquhoun. Passion quickly stirs between the two, and they aren’t upset when circumstances arrange their marriage. As they come to know each other better, outside forces threaten to separate them forever.

While I’m generally not a big fan of Scottish romances, this was fairly well-written and kept me entertained. I think I missed earlier entries in the series, but I was able to keep up fairly well with the plot. Amanda Scott’s writing and character development lend themselves to a book that will keep historical romance readers engaged.

Book Blurb for The Knight's Temptress


Sir Ian Colquhoun has never feared danger. So when Lady Lachina MacFarlan is captured by a ruthless enemy, mounting a daring rescue seems only natural for the courageous knight. But once he has Lina safe in his arms, he sees that the prim young girl from his youth has grown into an alluring woman of extraordinary gifts. When circumstances force him to take her as his wife, the stakes-for her life and their growing love-rise even higher.


Grateful for Ian's bravery, though wary of his recklessness, Lina agrees to his unexpected proposal. As the two begin to know each other as husband and wife, Lina realizes that she desires more than a passionate protector. But when evil threatens both her family and the knight she has come to love, the lady must take the greatest chance of all . . .

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.50