The King's Marauder

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The King's Marauder

Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures

Dewey Lambdin has been one of my husband’s favorite nautical writers for years. I’d read his first book and was interested in seeing how book twenty would measure up. “The King’s Marauder” was a solid read, through and through. There was enough backstory provided so I didn’t feel lost but the plot wasn’t bogged down with unnecessary details for fans that were current on the books.

Captain Alan Lewrie, recovering from wounds, has returned to England. But he soon finds himself at the helm of another Royal Navy ship heading to Gibraltar. Balancing a fine line of playing Spain off France, Lewrie must pull together a plot that requires boats, soldiers, and supplies, all of which he is lacking. But he is not the type to admit defeat without giving it his all, using his normal Lewrie flair for skullduggery. And of course, he manages to find time to enjoy the lovely ladies he encounters.

Dewey Lambdin’s book was a truly enjoyable read, filled with lots of adventure and spiced with humor and a touch of romance. Lewrie is enough of a scamp to keep the book moving without being too heavy a nautical read. Lambdin’s book was very detailed, bringing the naval life alive, without being dry and pedantic.

After reading “The King’s Marauder”, I’m seriously contemplating raiding my husband’s shelves to find the other books in this series. These novels seem to be a fun treat for not only guys who enjoy nautical fiction but anyone who enjoys a historical read with lots of adventure.

Book Blurb for The King's Marauder

The year 1807 starts out badly for Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy. He’s living at his father’s estate at Anglesgreen, recovering from a wound suffered in the South Atlantic. At last there’s a bright spot. Admiralty awards him a new commission, not a frigate but a clumsy, slow two-decker, Fourth Rate 50. Are his frigate days over for good?

Lewrie’s ordered to Gibraltar, but Foreign Office Secret Branch’s spies and manipulators have use for him, again! HMS Sapphire is the wrong ship for the task, raising chaos and mayhem along the Spanish coasts, and servicing agents and informers. What he’s ordered to do needs soldiers, landing craft, and a transport ship, all of which he doesn’t have, and must find a way to finagle it all.

He could beg off and say that it’s asking too much, but . . . Alan Lewrie is not a man to admit failure and defeat, and his quest might prove the most daunting of his long naval career.

Dewey Lambdin's The King's Marauder is the 20th thrilling installment in his highly acclaimed and beloved Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure series.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50