The Foundling

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The Foundling

Adolphus Gillespie Vernon Ware, Duke of Sale, is less than a year from his majority, but the uncle and family retainers that have raised him still him a child. After being led into a betrothal with Lady Harriet, Gillie is glad for an excuse to strike out on his own when a cousin is threatened with trifling with a young girl's heart. Circumstances conspire against Gillie at every turn, landing him with a young boy on the run from his father and tutor, a beautiful but empty-headed foundling, and an adventure that will make him a man, if he survives.

Georgette Heyer is the undisputable queen of the Regency romance, with her deft use of dialogue and creative characters, intertwined with a wonderful use of Regency cant and whimiscal romance, all combined into one of Heyer's best books. The Foundling is more humorous than romantic but still is a sweet and tender read, when not out and out hilarious. With every character richly developed and numerous storylines all weaving throughout the book, Georgette Heyer is just as enjoyable for the tenth time as the first, proving a delight to all readers. These new releases with beautiful cover artwork are a welcome addition to any regency romance lover's bookshelf.

Book Blurb for The Foundling

One of readers', librarians' and booksellers' most frequently requested Heyers, The Foundling features Gilly, the seventh Duke of Sale.

A diffident young man of 24 years, easily pushed around by his overprotective uncle and the retinue of devoted family retainers who won't let him lift a finger for himself, the Duke sometimes wishes he could be a commoner. One day he decides to set out to discover whether he is "a man, or only a Duke."

Beginning with an incognito journey into the countryside to confront a blackmailer, he encounters a runaway school boy, a beautiful but airheaded orphan, one of literature's most appealing and well-spoken comic villains, and a series of alarming and even life threatening events from which he can extricate himself only with the help of his shy and lovely fiancé…

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00