The Duke's Captive

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The Duke's Captive

Ian Wentworth was kidnapped and held captive for weeks over five years ago and he's still suffering nightmares. He believes that only making sure everyone involved is punished will leave him feeling better. Viola Bennington-Jones is the only one left. Now that she has come out of mourning for her late husband, it's time for justice to be served. He will destroy her life as his was. Viola Bennington-Jones has been paying for the last five years for the horrible actions of her sisters. Now it's time to take her place in Society to ensure that her son will have the life he deserves. But when Ian walks back into her life, Viola sees all her hopes and dreams come crashing down. Ian feels an instant attraction, but he is determined to pursue his plans of revenge, even if it means throwing away a chance of happiness with the only woman he has felt a connection with since the kidnapping. Will Viola be able to share her secrets with Ian, even at the cost of her child's place in Society? Will Ian be able to fill in the gaps in his memory, come to terms with the kidnapping, and give up his quest for revenge?

"The Duke's Captive" was an interesting take on the Regency Romance by Adele Ashworth. With a hero feeling helpless and insecure, Adele Ashworth creates a hero that is more accessible. The dance between the two main characters was well-done, with romance, seduction, anger, passion, humor, all weaved together. While the back story of the kidnapping was lacking and not fully explained, the story was still intriguing. This is an entertaining read, meant to be savored and enjoyed, like a rich and decadent chocolate.

Book Blurb for The Duke's Captive

Vengeance would be his . . .
Ian Wentworth arrives in London with one goal: revenge. Now a duke of enormous wealth, he should settle down to the business of marrying and producing heirs. But nightmares of an ordeal from his past haunt him at every turn. All those he believes responsible have paid with their lives. All but one: Viola Bennington-Jones, the lovely Lady Cheshire. And he will not rest until he sees the tempting beauty suffer.
Viola keeps her secrets—and there are many—safe from society's prying eyes. When she first spies Ian at a glittering ball, the rush of recognition immediately turns to panic. Does he remember the tender touches that once passed between them? Does he feel the electric passion that binds them still? Or does he blame her for the awful horrors her kin bestowed upon him? The enigmatic duke holds her captive: in desperate thrall to his powerful sensuality, her future—and her heart—in his hands.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00