The Bloody Red Baron

Anno Dracula 2

Kim Newman's original "Anno Dracula" is a great entry in the vampire genre, so I was excited to see that there was a new book in the series. This one is set years after Dracula has fled England, with him on the side of the Germans during WWI. This book featured the war more than I really cared for, but was still a neat twist on history. One of my favorite parts is the use of historical figures, some vampirized and some not. While I think this book will appeal more to guys, it's still a must read treat for Kim Newman's fans. The additional story about Genevieve though made the whole book a fantastic addition to my vampire books collection.

It's 1918, and the Bloody Red Baron and his cadre of pilots are keeping the skies over France bloody and unsafe. Charles Beauregard is still conspiring and trying to take down Dracula while keeping England safe, Kate Reed is ferreting out the truth, and the line between human, vampire, and monster gets more and more blurred. Then there is a special treat of Genevieve tossing her hat into the ring for "King of Cats" or vampire ruler as an additional read.

Book Blurb for The Bloody Red Baron


It is 1918 and Graf von Dracula is commander-in-chief of the armies ofGermany and Austria-Hungary. The War of the Great Powers in Europeis also a war between the living and the undead. Caught up in the conflict, Charles Beauregard, an old enemy of Dracula, his protegé Edwin Winthrop,and intrepid vampire reporter Kate Reed go head-to-head with the lethal vampire flying machine that is the Bloody Red Baron... In the brand-new novella Vampire Romance, Geneviève Dieudonné,newly returned to England, infiltrates a singular vampire gathering in the service of the Diogenes Club.

A brand-new edition, with additional novella, of the critically acclaimed, bestselling sequel to Anno Dracula. Written by popular novelist and movie critic Kim Newman, The Bloody Red Baron takes the story into the 20th century.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50