Tempting the Highlander

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Tempting the Highlander

Raelynd and Meriel Schellden are twins, but as the oldest daughter, Raelynd's husband will become the next leader of their clan. To protect his people and his daughters from a weak and inappropriate suitor, Raelynd's father sets up a fake double engagement with the McTiernay twins. Crevan McTiernay is engaged to Meriel but he and Raelynd find themselves fighting an attraction neither can deny. But with his speech stutter, Creven knows he can never be clan leader, so he must step aside for his brother. Will these four people find happiness, or will they willingly sacrifice themselves for the good of their family and clan?

"Tempting the Highlander" by Michele Sinclair was not my favorite romance because from almost the very first page, it was pretty predictable. Everyone was manipulated in what was kind of unbelievable ways, with couples introduced in ways that ensured you knew immediately who was going to end up with who. If you are looking for a fast, light romance this will suit your needs though.

Book Blurb for Tempting the Highlander

It Begins As A Ploy...

When Raelynd Schellden and her sister are caught in the stables with the notorious McTiernay twins, her father sees not scandal, but opportunity. The future of his clan is uncertain, and a double engagement - even under false pretences - will lend security to his people and protect his beloved daughters from power-mad fools.

And Becomes A Pleasure

But Raelynd's designated intended interests her far less than his quietly powerful brother Crevan, a man born to lead. Though bound by honour and committed to his sworn duty, Crevan cannot resist a taste of Raelynd's crimson lips when offered - and then another and another - until the unlikely couple is entangled in both a public deception and each other's hearts...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.50