Stolen Charms

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Stolen Charms

Natalie Haislett is determined to have a marriage of love, excitement and adventure on her own terms instead of the boring and bland marriage required by ‘Society’ and her mother. So Natalie asks roguish acquaintance Jonathan Drake to help her meet the Black Knight, a thief with a heart of gold. She knows that a life with him would never be boring. Jonathan is at first shocked by Natalie’s request, due to his double life as the Black Knight. But he agrees to escort Natalie to France, rumored location of the Black Knight, due to his attraction to the impetuous beauty and a plan to use Natalie to pull off his next theft. But Jonathan could quickly find himself the victim of larceny if Natalie ends up stealing his heart.

While “Stolen Charms” was filled with intrigue, seduction, and humor, the characters and the plot line were a little too unbelievable for me to truly become immersed in the book. Adele Ashworth’s newest book is a great beach read for anyone wanting a light and fluffy romance.

Book Blurb for Stolen Charms

In Adele Ashworth’s classic historical romance Stolen Charms, the privileged Natalie Haislett wishes to meet the Black Knight, a Robin Hood–type crook who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Against her better judgment, she enlists the help of Jonathan Drake, a known rogue who has left many hearts in his wake. Will Natalie be his latest conquest or will it be the Black Knight who’ll capture her heart?

A suspenseful mystery with plenty of sexual tension and romance in Victorian England, Stolen Charms is a sophisticated, sultry read that will appeal to fans of Cathy Maxwell, Christina Dodd, and Lisa Kleypas.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.00