Seducing the Duchess

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Seducing the Duchess

The Bridal Pleasures Series, Book 1

Charlotte may be the current Duchess of Rutherford, but she vows that she will behave as badly as possible, gambling, flirting, anything that will force her husband to petition for divorce. Married in love, she discovered the day after her wedding that her marriage was actually nothing more than a scheme by her husband for revenge against her brother. But Philip, Duke of Rutherford, has finally discovered to his chagrin that revenge is the last thing on his mind, he has fallen in love with his wife! Can he win back the heart he crushed, or is Charlotte beyond his reach forever?

Seducing the Duchess” by Ashley March is one of the funniest, most creative, well-written romances I have read in a long time. With characters that leap off the page, a romance that happens after the marriage, and a plot filled with twists, humor and tons of seduction, “Seducing the Duchess” is an addition to my shelf that will be enjoyed many times over the years to come. Reminiscent of Johanna Lindsey and Beatrice Small, Ashley March joins the ranks of must read-read romance writers. Fans of historical romance will be eagerly awaiting Ashley March’s next book in The Bridal Pleasure Series.

Book Blurb for Seducing the Duchess

Love and marriage don't have to be strangers...

Gambling. Carousing. Flirting. Charlotte, Duchess of Rutherford, will do anything to escape her painful marriage and force her husband to divorce her. But when Phillip, Duke of Rutherford, promises a divorce if Charlotte will help him become a better husband for another woman, she wonders if she really wants to lose him...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00