Rival to the Queen

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Rival to the Queen

The romance between Queen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley is a story that has survived the centuries, but what about the woman who married Robert, Lettice Knollys, Elizabeth's own cousin. Lettice Knollys and Queen Elizabeth had a tumultous relationship from the beginning, as Queen Elizabeth was fond of being the most beautiful and most adored woman in her court. Robert Dudley won his advancements by making Queen Elizabeth know that she was the epicenter of his galaxy, but when he finally accepted that he would never be her husband and king, he sought love elsewhere. Robert and Lettice knew that Elizabeth would never accept their marriage, and the queen did much to keep them apart, short of putting them in the Tower. But these two powerful women would never back down, not even for the man they both loved.

A new Carolly Erickson novel is a wonderful and decadent treat, eagerly awaited and "Rival to the Queen" is no exception. Each book brings to life a new character or segment  from some of history's most interesting eras, and Queen Elizabeth's rule was filled with intrigue, romance, scandal. "Rival to the Queen" shows that politcal sex scandals and intrigue are not a new thing, and that murder, romance, and power don't mix well for a happy ending. Fans of Alison Wier and Philippa Gregory will want all of Carolly Erickson's books on their shelves, these are definitely novels you don't want to miss out on!

Book Blurb for Rival to the Queen

Powerful, dramatic and full of the rich history that has made Carolly Erickson s novels perennial bestsellers, this is the story of the only woman to ever stand up to the ...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00