Rashi's Daughters, Book III : Rachel

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Rashi's Daughters, Book III : Rachel

Salomon ben Isaac is a famous Talmudic scholar from eleventh-century France, who is known for teaching his three daughters. Maggie Anton has told the stories of his three daughters. This final entry in the trilogy tells the story of Salomon's youngest daughter Rachel. While she was her father's favorite, Rachel suffered the jealousy of her mother and sometimes her two sisters. Rachel thought that with her marriage to the man she loved, a beloved son and daughter, and a thriving jewelery pawn business, her life was perfect. But unfortunately, God sometimes has other plans for our lives.

Maggie Anton has pen a novel that is engrossing, enthralling and entertaining all at once. This latest addition to the field of historical entertainment sheds some light on some of the lesser known women of Jewish history. My one regret is missing the previous two novels in this series, but that is a mistake I plan to quickly fix. This is must read for any fan of history, full of historical figures, events and facts, weaved with fiction to bring it all to life.

Book Blurb for Rashi's Daughters, Book III : Rachel

The dramatic final book in the epic historical trilogy about the lives and loves of the three daughters of the great Talmud scholar Rashi

Rachel is the youngest and most beautiful daughter of medieval Jewish scholar Salomon ben Isaac, or "Rashi." Her father's favorite and adored by her new husband, Eliezer, Rachel's life looks to be one of peaceful scholarship, laughter, and love. But events beyond her control will soon threaten everything she holds dear. Marauders of the First Crusade massacre nearly the entire Jewish population of Germany, and her beloved father suffers a stroke. Eliezer wants their family to move to the safety of Spain, but Rachel is determined to stay in France and help her family save the Troyes yeshiva, the only remnant of the great centers of Jewish learning in Europe.

As she did so effectively in Joheved and Miriam, Maggie Anton vividly brings to life the world of eleventh-century France and a remarkable Jewish woman of dignity, passion, and strength.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.50