Parlor Games

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Parlor Games

May Dugas doesn't want to be poor and doesn't want to just get by. But for an 18-year-old girl in 1887 Chicago, there aren't a lot of ways to make money. May soon finds herself in a bordello, but she has big plans. Soon landing herself a wealthy fiance, May is ready to start a new life in high society, until a Pinkerton detective by the name of Reed Doherty brings her dreams crashing down. May moves on, hoping to create a new life, even if it means breaking a few laws and telling a few falsehoods about her background. Each time finds Pinkerton detective Doherty there, ready to bring her down. But May is determined to end up on top.

May Dugas was once dubbed America's "Most Dangerous Woman" and Maryka Biaggio does a good job of bringing her alive on the printed page. From laying background with her early days to May's determined path to high society, the author creates a compelling character that seems larger than life. This is a definite must read for fans of historical fiction.

Book Blurb for Parlor Games

A sparkling historical novel based on the remarkable true story of turn-of-the-century con artist May Dugas, once dubbed America's "Most Dangerous Woman.”

It’s 1887, and eighteen-year-old May Dugas has ventured to Chicago in hopes of earning enough money to support her family. Yet when circumstances force her to take up residence at the city’s most infamous bordello, she chooses to use her feminine wiles to extract not only sidelong looks but also large sums of money from the men she encounters. Insinuating herself into high society, May lands a well-to-do fiancé—until, that is, a Pinkerton detective named Reed Doherty intervenes.

Reed has made it his mission to bring May to justice, and he pursues her across the world, from Shanghai to London and back, until he makes one last daring attempt to corner her. But May still has a few tricks up her sleeve, tricks that just might prove she’s one tough woman to catch.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00