Murder Most Austen

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Murder Most Austen

Elizabeth Parker Mysteries

I consider myself a Janeite (fan of Jane Austen) and dream of someday visiting Bath to see all the places I've read about. Plus, throw in a love of murder mysteries, and "Murder Most Austen" becomes a dream book. Tracy Kiely has penned a fun and enjoyable murder mystery with lots of suspects, Regency costumes, and a love of all things Austen. This is not the first book in this series, but reads perfectly well as a standalone. I will be searching out the author's other books, desolate at the fact that I've missed them up to now.

Elizabeth Parker is a Jane Austen fan and lover of all things English, so the chance to attend the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England, is a treat not to be missed. The plane ride over gives her and her Aunt Winnie a chance to meet Austen professor Richard Baines, intent on exposing the hidden secrets of Jane Austen and her works. When he is found killed before he has a chance for his grand reveal, Elizabeth is dragged into trying to solve his murder to help clear a friend of her aunt's. If Elizabeth isn't careful, she'll end up as dead as her favorite author.

Book Blurb for Murder Most Austen

A dedicated Anglophile and Janeite, Elizabeth Parker is hoping the trip to the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath will distract her from her lack of a job and her uncertain future with her boyfriend, Peter.

On the plane ride to England, she and Aunt Winnie meet Professor Richard Baines, a self-proclaimed expert on all things Austen. His outlandish claims that within each Austen novel there is a sordid secondary story is second only to his odious theory on the true cause of Austen’s death. When Baines is found stabbed to death in his Mr. Darcy costume during the costume ball, it appears that Baines’s theories have finally pushed one Austen fan too far. But Aunt Winnie’s friend becomes the prime suspect, so Aunt Winnie enlists Elizabeth to find the  professor’s real killer. With an ex-wife, a scheming daughter-in-law, and a trophy wife, not to mention a festival’s worth of die-hard Austen fans, there are  no shortage of suspects.

This fourth in Tracy Kiely’s charming series is pure delight. If Bath is the number-one Mecca for Jane Austen fans, Murder Most Austen is the perfect read for those who love some laughs and quick wit with their mystery.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50