Make Me Yours

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Make Me Yours

Harlequin Blaze #479

When Mariah Eller tried to protect her inn from being destroyed by rowdy gentlemen, she had no idea that she would catch the eye of the Prince of Wales. The prince would only dally with married women, and as a widow, Mariah wasn't available, to her infinite relief. Until the prince decreed that she marry within the fortnight so he could enjoy her charms. To that end, he sent one of his men, Jack St. Lawrence,  to ensure her marriage. Little did Mariah and Jack know that they would soon be fighting their attraction to each other.

Betina Krahn has long been known for her fabulous historical romances and proves herself a master of this shorter but no less seductive format. She weaves wonderful and intriguing characters with equal measures of steamy passion and witty humor. Betina proves that humor can be one the biggest turnons when looking for love. In Make Me Yours, the fast-paced storyline keeps the reader eagerly turning the page, anticipating each new twist, and then leaves you completely satisfied at the end. This book is like a wonderful, decadent treat; richly developed characters enrobed in a darkly, sweet storyline, spiced with a hot and steamy romance. This is a novel to be savored, slowly, bite by bite.

Book Blurb for Make Me Yours

Mariah Eller was only trying to save her inn from being trashed. So how did the widow manage to attract the unwanted—and erotic—attention of the Prince of Wales? Not that being desired by royalty is necessarily bad… Only, Mariah much prefers the prince's best friend….

Jack St. Lawrence is very tempting, and very loyal. And he knows that the prince gets involved only with married women. So he figures sexy Mariah is safe…until the prince demands Jack find her a husband!

The problem? Jack and Mariah can't fight their sizzling attraction. And once they give in to their desires, the situation is even worse. Because the prince's man has found a husband for Mariah.


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.75