Kings and Emperors

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Kings and Emperors

Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures

In “Kings and Emperors” by Dewey Lambin, Lewrie is still stuck in Gibraltar, forced to mind-blowingly boring duty. Captain Alan Lewrie despairs of ever seeing any action for himself and the crew of the HMS Sapphire. But when Spain rebels against its treaty with France and aligns itself with Britain, Lewrie is called into service. But Napoleon isn’t going to be content to roll over, and when he marches into Spain it’s a bad race for Lewrie and the other ships to pull Britain’s army out of Spain in time.

My husband is the fan of nautical fiction but I will find myself picking one up every so often to make him happy. The Alan Lewrie series by Dewey Lambdin is one that never fails to deliver, even for a reader who’s not a longtime reader of the books. With his rapscallion captain, eye for descriptive detail and ability to make history come alive, Lambdin’s books are a treat to read. As an added bonus, the quality of the cover and book itself made this one that I would be pleased to showcase on my shelves. I have to admit, I’m intrigued enough after reading “Kings and Emperors” to pick up the next one, just to find out how Lewrie and the other characters fare. My husband may just have to wait his turn.

Book Blurb for Kings and Emperors

In Dewey Lambdin's Kings and Emperors, Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, is still in Gibraltar, his raids along the coast of southern Spain shot to a halt. He is reduced to commanding a clutch of harbor defense gunboats in the bay while his ship, HMS Sapphire, slowly grounds herself on a reef of beef bones! Until Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Portugal and his march into Spain change everything, freeing Sapphire to roam against the king’s enemies once more!

As kings are overthrown and popular uprisings break out across Spain, Lewrie’s right back in the action, ferrying weapons to arm Spanish patriots, scouting the impregnable fort of Ceuta, escorting the advance units of British expeditionary armies to aid the Spanish, and even going ashore to witness the first battles between Sir Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, and Napoleon’s best marshals, as the long Peninsular War that broke Imperial France begins to unfold.

From Cádiz to La Coruña, Lewrie and Sapphire will be there as history explodes!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00