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Confessions of a Smitten Superhero Sidekick

Kit is sidekick and partner in every sense to the superhero the Hummingbird. He takes advantage of a quiet moment to start penning their memoirs. Liam (or the Hummingbird) rescued Kit from thugs in Hong Kong. The two instantly feel an attraction and a bond that can’t be fought and quickly succumb to the temptation.
Sedonia Guillone has penned short but hot and heavy read that takes a look at the relationship between superhero and sidekick. It’s a torrid look at what happens when the cape and tights come off.

Book Blurb for Hummingbird

Kit has one of the best jobs in the world: he's a superhero's sidekick by day and lover by night (or, whenever it happens to be convenient). He knows his hero in ways no one else can and, while he doesn't want to share, he doesn't want the truth of how perfect his hero is to go untold. He sneaks a moment while his hero sleeps and starts scribbling his memoirs, sharing one of the lowest moments of his life and the passionate collision that sent his life on a course toward true happiness.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 3.00