Getting Old Is Tres Dangereux : A Mystery

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Getting Old Is Tres Dangereux : A Mystery

Gladdy Gold Series, #6

Gladdy Gold is back, more interested in spending time with her significant other, Jack Langford, than she is in solving mysteries. Jack proposes to Gladdy, and the two are ready to start a life together, until fate intervenes with the reappearance of a beautiful French redhead from Jack's past, who needs his help and protection. Michelle DuBois writes exposes that have taken her to the top of the best-sellers list, but now someone wants to stop her pen forever. Gladdy quickly realizes that Michelle not only intends on Jack being her bodyguard, she is also planning on taking his heart. Gladdy's best friends are also busy with a New Age guru, cane fighting classes and all the gossip and drama at their condo development.

Rita Lakin's series has been funny, interesting, and chockfull of mystery from day one, and her latest entry "Getting Old is Tres Dangereux" is just as enjoyable. With a myriad of characters that are definitely 'characters', witty and humorous dialogue, and a plot full of intrigue, mystery, and twists and turns, this is a mystery that will appeal to all ages. Rita has taken the reader on a journey with the romance between Gladdy and Jack, and this book shows that even though you might be retired, love can be found even during your golden years.

Miss Marple needs to hang her sweater up, Gladdy and her gang are on the case!

Book Blurb for Getting Old Is Tres Dangereux : A Mystery

Read as Gladdy Gold finds out that she has a compeditor wanting to steal Jack langford away from her. She's a gorgeous younger redhead from France.
Not only that, but there is a killer wanting to murder the French woman and Jack is the only one who can save her.
Thrills and chills. Don't miss it!
~ Authors Website

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50