For the King

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For the King

Christmas Eve, 1800, or the 3rd of Nivose of the Ninth Year of the Republic, in Paris, France. A little girl holds the reins of a cart horse as Napoleon Bonaparte passes in his carriage on his way to the Opera. Moments later, a bomb hidden the cart explodes, killing and maiming many people but Napoleon escapes unscathed. Chief Inspector Roch Miquel is given the almost impossible job of tracking down the assassins.  Roch moves between the the glittering and beautiful denizens of high society and the filthy and poverty-stricken alley dwellers in postrevolutionary Paris, just a year after Napoleon has seized power. When the line between foe and friend is blurred, when family is threatened and feelings for his beautiful mistress interfere, will Roch be able to track down the culprits before it is too late?

For the King is Catherine Delors latest creation, bringing to life one of history's most interesting and tumultous periods. With fictional and historical characters sharing the story, the reader is quickly immersed in the plot line, unsure of who is truly as they seem. Catherine Delors is doing for French history what Philippa Gregory has done for English history. With a time period that is packed with action and intrigue and historical characters that seem larger than life, Catherine Delors has capitalized on this by approaching the story from minor characters, bringing a fresh outlook to a interesting and often explored time. For the King lives up to the high standard already set by Mistress of the Revolution.

Book Blurb for For the King

From the author of the critically acclaimed Mistress of the Revolution comes a spellbinding historical thriller set in post- revolutionary Paris. 
The Reign of Terror has ended, and Napoléon Bonaparte has seized power, but shifting political loyalties still tear apart families and lovers. On Christmas Eve 1800, a bomb explodes along Bonaparte's route, narrowly missing him but striking dozens of bystanders. Chief Inspector Roch Miquel, a young policeman with a bright future and a beautiful mistress, must arrest the assassins before they attack again. Complicating Miquel's investigation are the maneuverings of his superior, the redoubtable Fouché, the indiscretions of his own father, a former Jacobin, and two intriguing women. 
Based on real events and characters and rich with historical detail, For the King takes readers through the dark alleys and glittering salons of post-revolutionary Paris and is a timeless epic of love, betrayal, and redemption.
Available in Hardback 2010 / Trade Paperback July 2011

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50