Emma (Splinter Edition)

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Emma (Splinter Edition)

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"Emma" by Jane Austen is an oftentimes overlooked classic, when compared to Austen's other works. But it is a delight to read, filled with witty dialogue and wonderfully descriptive narrative, some of Jane Austen's work at it's best. This Splinter edition is a well-crafted edition, with evocative artwork, built in bookmarks, and rich paper, making it a welcome addition to my collection.

Emma Woodhouse is well-off, beautiful, intelligent and considers herself the leader of the local society. As such, she is a natural at matchmaking, at least in her opinion. Helping mold Harriet, a local boarder at the school, Emma turns Harriet's head and heart to thoughts of an 'appropriate' marriage, to Harriet's detriment. Emma has no plans for marriage, but a harmless flirtation can lead to no harm, she believes. But love can spring up completely unexpectedly.

Book Blurb for Emma (Splinter Edition)

"I am going to take a heroine whom no one but myself will much like," declared Jane Austen when she wrote Emma. But it turns out that readers loved Emma Woodhouse, a ”handsome, clever, and rich” young lady who enjoys meddling in others' lives--until she nearly makes a mess of her own. Austen's pointed look at romantic mishaps and matchmaking, social status in the Georgian age, and the importance of simple human kindness remains a joy to read.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00