Demon in Blue Jeans

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Demon in Blue Jeans

“Ole Debbil Satan, send me your baddest Bad Boy, ‘cause I’m ready and waitin’ and definitely willin’!” With these words, Kate Carter summons Zel, a 3rd level incubus, who promises her a night of unbelievable passion. Kate, while a novice at love’s passion, abandons herself quickly to Zel’s seductive powers. Unfortunately, he is hers for one night only. Will that be long enough for either of them?
This E-book by Toni Sweeney is an enjoyable read for anyone looking for a fast and hot-paced romance. The author quickly pulls the reader in and ramps up the heat. This is a hot and sultry quick read that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is looking for a book that is pleasure without commitment.

Book Blurb for Demon in Blue Jeans

Kate wanted a dream man. What she got was an underachieving demon for a one-night stand. Problem is...she's fallen for him, and he's on his way back to Hell--mission accomplished!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.25