Death and the Courtesan

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Death and the Courtesan

This was a different and interesting take on the normal Regency romance in that it is told from the viewpoint of a courtesan instead of one of the Society misses or gentlemen. The main character is unrepentantly delightful in her enjoyment of sex, and her determination to make her way in life, providing for those she loves as well. The little chapter headings were a fun touch as well, feeling almost Jane Austen-like. Pamela Christie’s first novel is an entertaining and bawdy read, and I’m interested in seeing how the series continues.

Arabella is the courtesan above all courtesans in London at the moment, but that just means there is a list of people waiting for to fall, with their help if needed. So when a overblown rival is found dead with Arabella’s initialed knife next to her, Arabella must work fast to clear her name. Calling upon her natural skills and the gossip and contacts of her staff, Arabella romps her way through offices, drawing rooms, and bedrooms alike to try to solve the crime. The only question is if the ultimate courtesan will survive long enough to do so.

Book Blurb for Death and the Courtesan

Arabella Beaumont has worked hard to become the most desireable courtesan in Regency London. Her favors are as sought after as are invitations to her salons. But her popularity comes with a price: the jealousy of rival women. This becomes dangerous when her most notable rival is murdered with a small knife stolen from Arabella’s private chambers. Accused of the crime, Arabella goes underground to find the real killer.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00