Come Hell or Highball

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Come Hell or Highball

Discreet Retrieval Agency Mysteries, #1

Come Hell or Highball by Maia Chance is an intriguing first entry in what will hopefully be a long series. Society matron Lola Woodby has just buried her unfaithful husband, and is looking forward to a life after a distinctly loveless marriage. But she quickly discovers that she is left with no mansion, no money or only the key to her husband’s seedy love-nest. Lola and her Swedish cook, Berta, decide to team up and start a “retrieval service” with their first client being one of her dead husband’s chippies. Lola is tasked with finding a missing film reel if she wants to earn the money to start her new life. But during the search for the film reel, bodies start to pile up and mysteries abound. Lola finds herself up to her garters in trouble, including a private investigator who makes her heart throb. Will Lola find the film and live long enough to make a new life still filled with chocolate and highballs?

This wacky mystery is a fun read, filled with characters that reminds one of the comedic silent movies. Maia Chance’s book is filled with intriguing characters, hilarious hijinks and plenty of sex appeal. Lola Woodby’s ample charms are such to appeal to mystery fans galore. I look forward to seeing what troubles Lola and Berta will get themselves into next.

Book Blurb for Come Hell or Highball

31-year-old society matron Lola Woodby has survived her loveless marriage with an unholy mixture of highballs, detective novels, and chocolate layer cake, until her husband dies suddenly, leaving her his fortune...or so Lola thought. As it turns out, all she inherits from Alfie is a big pile of debt. Pretty soon, Lola and her stalwart Swedish cook, Berta, are reduced to hiding out in the secret love nest Alfie kept in New York City. But when rent comes due, Lola and Berta have no choice but to accept an offer made by one of Alfie's girls-on-the-side: in exchange for a handsome sum of money, the girl wants Lola to retrieve a mysterious reel of film for her.

It sounds like an easy enough way to earn the rent money. But Lola and Berta realize they're in way over their heads when, before they can retrieve it, the man currently in possession of the film reel is murdered, and the reel disappears. On a quest to retrieve the reel and solve the murder before the killer comes after them next, Lola and Berta find themselves navigating one wacky situation after another in high style and low company.

Charming, witty, often laugh-out-loud funny, Maia Chance's Come Hell or Highball introduces a sparkling new voice in crime fiction.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00