Captured by Desire

Florie Gilder knows that it's dangerous to travel to Selkirk in Scotland with just a servant to attend the fair to sell the golden jewelry she has created as a assistant goldsmith. But she hopes to find answers about her true father and this is the only way. But her hopes of answers are dashed when the golden pomander that her real father gave to her mother, and the only key to her past, is sold accidentally to a cruel and vindicative noblewoman. When Florie gives the money back and takes her pomander she is branded a thief and is on the run. Her one thought is to make it to a church and claim sanctuary for 40 days. But before she can make it through the forest to the church she is mistaken for a deer and shot. The shooter is the local huntsman for the Lord Sheriff of the area and husband of the woman accusing Florie of theft. But Rane MacAllister, with his Viking coloring and build, is instantly attracted to the beautiful spitfire, finding himself torn between desire and duty. With English soldiers roaming the country, wrecking havoc in their search for the princess Mary and  the sheriff's wife seeking revenge, Florie and Rane still are threatened more by the feelings between them. Will Florie be able to find a future that includes Rane after her forty days sanctuary, will Rane be able to set aside his concerns and care for the villagers to find a life with Florie? Will the two survive the intrigues swirling around them that seek their destruction?

Kira Morgan's novel "Captured by Desire" is a seductive blend of romance, excitement, and intrigue with a dose of humor thrown in. With interesting characters that grab the reader's attention and a storyline that demands each page eagerly turned, this is a must read for fans of historical romance. Robin Hood move over, Rane MacAllister is the new archer in town.

Book Blurb for Captured by Desire

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In 16th century Scotland, young Miss Florie Gilder runs away from her drunken foster father to find her real father and her noble heritage. Along the way, she is accused of theft, becomes a fugitive hiding in a forest, and is accidentally wounded by a handsome local huntsman. The huntsman--a Robin-Hood figure who poaches wild game from the landowner's estate to feed the starving poor--carries the beautiful maiden to a church where she is guaranteed 40 days of sanctuary from the law. During that time, he learns her true story, falls in love with her, and helps her in her quest, at the risk of his own life. Smitten with him, she worries more for his survival. But enemies of the state are seeking to overturn the Catholic royals, while a vicious noblewoman is out to destroy Florie.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00