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Captain Gavin Briggs feels that he is not fit for polite society after serving as a sniper for the British Army, so he is determined to earn the money that will enable him to buy an estate to serve as home for his sister and her small child. All that is standing in the way is Lady Christina Fairhaven. Hired by her grandfather, a bitter duke who is on his deathbed, Gavin has been tasked to bring Christina to the duke's estate. Christina is startled to learn that she is the granddaughter of a duke, but feels no urge to meet the man who abandoned her mother after a marriage against the duke's wishes. Christina agrees to go though, in exchange for Gavin first helping her find her missing brother. The only snag is that he's supposed to be dead. The trip to London is filled with burglars, a conniving cousin, adventure, and lots of passion. The heat between Christina and Gavin soon blazes into a maelstrom of romance, but will it continue to simmer and boil or soon burn out?

"Brazen" by Margo Maguire was hot and steamy while being sweet and funny. Filled with tons of adventure and intrigue, the plot keeps the reader engaged, while the romance advances. This was a great read for fans of historical bodice rippers.

Book Blurb for Brazen

Lady Christina Fairhaven is devoted to her adoptive family -- and most protective of her wayward brother.

So when battle-scarred and world-weary Captain Gavin Briggs arrives at her cottage bearing shocking news -- that she is the granddaughter of an aged, bad-tempered duke -- Christina is stunned. . . temporarily.

She will not meet the duke who abandoned her when she was a child; Gavin will not receive his significant -- and much needed -- reward. However, should the good Captain agree to help her locate and rescue her endangered sibling, then perhaps. . .

But with a fortune at stake, the road to London is paved with peril. Treachery awaits them. . . not to mention attraction, temptation, and a most unanticipated passion.

To regain his soul, to protect his lady, Gavin must be more than brave. To win his love, Christina must be positively. . . brazen.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.50