Blob and the Sous-Chef and Other Stories

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Blob and the Sous-Chef and Other Stories

This is a collection of odd, creepy, and interesting horror short stories. With aliens, vampires, a literary bent serial killer, and a little boy with a big appetite, this collection has something for everyone, that is, something that will eat everyone. Some stories left me uneasy, some chuckling, and others had me just disturbed, which is the best way to finish a collection of scary stories. While the blood and gore is downplayed, the pyschological oomph is at full force. Steve Barber's skewed and twisted take on life in "Blob and the Sous-Chef and Other Stories" is a definite must read for anyone who enjoys their horror done with a clever twist. Each story is short enough to serve as an appetizer, whetting the appetite, leaving the reader hungry for more. I am now eagerly awaiting his next collection to see how he takes on werewolves.

Book Blurb for Blob and the Sous-Chef and Other Stories

Author Steve Barber's unique take on relationships, life, death, and human nature are explored in this collection of short stories. He looks into our memories, our fears, even our deepest secrets. Reflected in a cracked mirror, you may see the woman down the street, whose son seems just a little off, the literary writer who let his rejections get to him a bit too much, the young man whose turn it is to take over a terrible family obligation, or the celebrated chef whose gambling gets him in way more trouble than he thought possible. Or you just may find your own secret self hiding among the pages.

Barber's cast of characters includes ghosts, vampires, one of the undead, a serial killer, some creepy, terrifying creatures and one very hungry little boy. If you want a werewolf, you'll have to wait for his next collection.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.50